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Jamaicans Complaining of High JPS Bills | 15 Yr. Old Involved in Shooting incident - May 18 2021

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Jamaicans Complaining of High JPS Bills | 15 Yr. Old Involved in Shooting incident - May 18 2021
JPS makes two-week free offer at service station in St Ann
JPS says it is Not Responsible for Trees on Private Property; Men Electrocuted | News | CVMTV
More Calls for JPS to Cancel Closure Plans - March 5 2021
Residents In Portmore Protest Against JPS Closure | News | CVMTV
Newly Appointed Clarendon JPs urged to Assist in Crime Fighting | News | CVMTV
OUR Approves JPS New Rate Class: TVJ Business Day - February 4 2021
JAMAICA NOW:  Deadly Trump protest | Ex-prison boss suicide | Butch Stewart dies
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JPS Reveals - Customers Bearing Cost of Electricity Theft - July 3 2020
Residents of Golden Grove Meadows bemoan exorbitant light bills
JPS Welcomes OUR Audit Into Billing Operations | News  | CVMTV
JPS Summoned to Cabinet to Explain Exorbitant Bills - June 16 2020
JPS Tells Customers To Look Out For An Increase This Month | News  | CVMTV
Electrical Disruptions And Business Functionality | News | CVMTV
Jamaica News Today April 22 2020/JBNN
JPS Says Bush Fire To Blame For Widespread Outage | News | CVMTV
Jamaica News Today March 29 2020/JBNN
JPS Calls For The Removal Of The GCT On Electricity For 90 Days | News | CVMTV
COVID-19 Impact On Small Businesses  | News  | CVMTV
JPS Pushes Power Despite Pressure | News  | CVMTV
Energy Minister Fayval Williams Says She Has Not Neglected Her Constituency   | News | CVMTV
Residents Of Hope Pastures Fight With JPS For Underground Electricity  | News | CVMTV
TVJ News: Headlines - January 14 2020
THE GLEANER MINUTE: OUR watching JPS ... Man killed in Old Harbour ... School population plunges

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