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PNP Councillor Faith Sampson Nickle Crosses The Floor  | News | CVMTV
PNP Member Switch to JLP - July 9 2020
THE GLEANER MINUTE: Bolt reveal baby's name ... Phillips want DPP out ... 2-y-o battling for life
Dr. Andrew Wheatley Denies Any Allegations Of Collusion | Panel Discussion | CVMTV
PNP Rebuke JLP Over Corruption - July 6 2020
Dr. Phillips Dismisses Corruption Allegations  | News | CVMTV
PNP Chairman Defends Phillip Paulwell - July 1 2020
PNP Stands Ready For Both General  & Local Elections | News | CVMTV
Phillips bashes JLP for lack of crime plan and states plans for prospective PNP administration
Phillips wants legal assurances on 2-in-1 election
Phillips accuses PM of shielding Vaz and wants investigation into Holywell controversy
Fitz Jackson's Views On National Consensus For Crime | Opposition Tuesday  | CVMTV
Peter Bunting Expected To Take Over As Leader Of Opposition Business | Panel Discussion | CVMTV
Jamaica News Today June 21 2020/JBNN
Portland Rafters Frustrated Over Delay In Payments | News  | CVMTV
PNP Criticize Reaction to High Electricity Bills - June 17 2020
PNP Members Say Hard Policing Alone Will Not Bring Peace - June 16 2020
PNP Projects Unity After Special Candidates Meeting  | News | CVMTV
PNP hunts votes one-on-one
Andre Hylton:
Jamaica News Today June 3 2020/JBNN
PNP's Future In Leadership Being Questioned By 15 Concerned MPs | Panel Discussion | CVMTV
THE GLEANER MINUTE: Holness backed into corner... Phillips warn 'Gang of 15' ... Blackout Tuesday
PNP Comments on Reopening of Tourism Sector: TVJ News - June 1 2020
PNP Executive to Discuss Letter from 15 MPs: TVJ News - June 1 2020
PNP Cautions Government JLP To Do Better | News | CVMTV
PNP: Bring Home JA Ship Workers: TVJ News - May 17 2020

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